The Horses

When I started with Arabian horses I set a goal for myself: to breed high quality Arabian horses able to compete and succeed anywhere in the world. It is easy to buy a champion but to breed a champion is a challenge.

In selecting my broodmares, my base if you like, I took time to study the bloodlines. To learn which bloodlines are dominant and which lines breed on the characteristics I deem necessary in an Arabian horse.

I have learned that breeding takes patience, and like everyone involved with this magnificent animal, I am on a constant learning curve. Choosing the breeding combinations for my mares is not an overnight decision. I take my time, with the aim in mind to breed quality not quantity.

In purchasing RFI Farid as a breeding stallion, it was important to me that while his pedigree combines the blood of our industry greats such as RSD Dark Victory, Bey Shah, Ali Jamaal, El Shaklan, Aladdinn, Gdansk and Ansata Ibn Halima, his bloodline also offered us “new blood” as an out cross. Most importantly though, he is bred to breed show attitude. An Arabian horse without charisma and presence is not an Arabian horse for me!

I am very proud of the horses we have bred in our eight short years, and for me personally it’s fantastic to see my breeding program and the quality of our foals strengthen every year.

In the pursuit my goals I like to learn and interact with those around me. First and foremost, breeding Arabian horses is a family passion, however we are aware of the importance of the collaboration with our manager, staff, friends and industry experts in order to realize our vision. Building relationships within the industry, to hear others ideas and advice is always very valuable.

I would like to thank all the people who have offered their support and advice along the way and look forward to forging new relationships in the pursuit of my goals.

Ghanem Al Harji